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The NorCal Shelby Club always needs more Volunteers for all events, meetings, and extra curricular activities. Please help your Club continue to put on premiere events both on and off Track.  To Volunteer, we will have a form coming soon on this page to fill out and send back. Our next event is Mini-Nats and this event needs a few extra people. Volunteers should be able to work for an hour or so, and be relieved by another volunteer.

Mini-Nats Volunteers NEEDED

Friday Early evening Parking

The so-called 'Land Rush' can be either chaotic, messy and take a long time; or hopefully, smooth, quick and simple. The Club is requesting your help to stage, hold, and guide traffic into the Paddock Friday early Evening/Night.

Pasenger Waiver Assistant

Throughout the day members of the Club that are driving on track offer rides to friends/family or some people just ask for them. Passengers need to have a wristband and to complete a passenger waiver form, We hope to be available during the morning Drivers meetings and we'll need a few extra members to assist with this.

Cars & Coffee Parking Assistants

Sunday we will have a Cars & Coffee event, we will need assitance organizing the cars and keeping them coming into the space in a mannerly fashion.

Paddock Entrance Marshalls

We will also need assistance preventing non event participants from entering the main paddock by the gas pumps. This helps keep the main road in front of the garages clear for cars coming off track.

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