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NorCal SAAC Open Track

Experience the thrill of driving your high-performance car on the racetrack. NorCal SAAC provides an onsite ambulance, tow truck, and professional corner workers. Passing permitted only in designated areas, with more liberal rules for the experienced groups. Driver conduct is closely monitored by our track stewards to ensure an enjoyable time for everyone. ALL makes and models welcome (except open-wheel). NorCal SAAC membership not required. Run groups of 40 cars each. Groups are broken down as follows:

What is Open Track?

Open Track is a type of non-competitive high-speed driving event typically held on road race circuits. These events are staged across the United States by marque car clubs and Open Track clubs. The surge in Open Track popularity can be attributed to a variety of factors: the escalating cost of genuine wheel-to-wheel racing; collector value of older high-performance cars makes racing them too risky; excessive bureaucracy and regulations of racing sanctioning bodies; and finally, goin' racin' can be intimidating for a novice track driver. Many of our members have used our Open Tracks as a springboard to Vintage Racing or SCCA club racing. It's a great way to get your feet wet without mortgaging the house.

Run Groups

Yellow Group

Novice: Limited track experience. Controlled passing zones.
Car Prep: No special equipment required with the exception of convertibles*

Red Group

Intermediate: Driver knows how to drive the line. Driver has the ability to observe corner workers and obey flag signals. Additional passing zones granted.
Car Prep: No special equipment required with the exception of convertibles*

Red-PLUS Group

Intermediate-Advanced: Driver is comfortable with traffic. Car/Driver speeds are faster. Additional passing zones granted.
Car Prep: No special equipment required with the exception of convertibles*

Green Group

Advanced-Expert: Car/Driver combination is significantly faster.
Car Prep: Racing-style harness 4-Point all cars, convertibles require roll bar

*Convertibles require roll bar or factory installed rollover protection. Cobras with 3-point bars OK, no passengers allowed.

Regardless of run group stickers on your windshield, a driver should never enter the track in a group for which they are not qualified.

Car Numbers

All cars must display a car number. 1, 2 or 3-digit numbers only (no alphabetic or other characters). Please indicate one preferred number and one alternate number on your entry form. Car numbers will be assigned by the registrar prior to the event. Preference will be given to those club members using their Permanent Numbers. Then to entries based on the entry date.

Driver/Passenger Attire

Drivers and passengers are required to have the following attire:

Open Track Rules

Open Track drivers must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver's license. Passengers 18 years and older are allowed in some sessions.

All drivers and passengers must comply with the NorCal SAAC Open Track Rules. Please read these rules carefully, including the Safety Inspection and Disqualification Policies. All passengers and drivers must sign a Release of Liability Waiver and provide emergency medical information. All vehicles participating in the open track sessions must undergo a thorough inspection prior to arriving at the event. This inspection is to ensure that your vehicle is mechanically sound. As a minimum, you must perform all of the inspections listed on the tech inspection form. Initial each line item signifying that YOU have performed the inspection and made all required repairs.




Open Track Paperwork


Driver's Primer

Open Track Handbooks

The NorCal Shelby Club offers, at no charge, the following instructional material on Open Track driving. Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned Open Tracker, you'll find these handbooks informative and easy to read. Thanks to our driving instructor Scott Griffith for authoring these documents.

Originally constructed in 1957, the current racetrack is 2.2 miles with 11 turns, including the famous Cork Screw and the Andretti Hairpin. This legendary track has seen world famous drives and cars.
Originally called Sears Point Raceway, this 2.52 mile course in the heart of wine country, 12 turns on a hilly course with 160 feet of total elevation change.
Located 150 miles north of San Francisco, this course is a fast series of twists and turns with minor elevation changes. This course has a natural flow and lots of runoff room, making it an excellent course for beginners.

Driver's School

Each spring, NorCal SAAC conducts a driver's school led by head instructor Mike Camicia.
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